Hand painted custom pinstriping on nearly anything: motorcycles, cars, boats, clothing, etc. Unique custom designs or simple body lines to accent and enhance the look of any vehicle.


Custom hand painted lettering of all types and styles including gold and silver leaf.


Air brush art work can be a unique look especially on motorcycles and cars to give a realistic image when clients are looking for that special art to set them apart from the rest.

Live Events

Live painting at charity, business or personal events tailored to the theme of the party. Guests can watch the art come to life and purchase the art as a memento have the art raffled off.

Steel Tattoo

Steel Tattoo is applying personal tattoo artwork to vehicles. Created by hand with paint there is a special procedure and dubbed a Chicago shade to achieve that tattoo bleed look on skin. Most tattoos can be copied from your body and applied to your car or bike by hand. "It's all about you."

Undercover Art

A unique and fresh idea of doing extensive artwork and applying it under hoods, in door jambs and inside trunks so the artwork is visible only when you want to show it off. "Now you see it... Now you don't."